Strangers becoming stranger

I was going through my Facebook news feed when I saw a post by an old classmate of mine in Highschool. We weren’t really close friends to begin with, and there were times she was mean to me and put my ego on a whole level of down-low. She was usually the kind who put other people down to make herself feel better but none of us were really fazed because ‘mean girls’ can only get so far. I wondered how she was doing now so I clicked on her name and was brought to her page. I first checked her profile pictures– there’s still a hint of her old self in her face; something still recognizably her but her nose is different. It’s amazing though because if you didn’t know how she looked like before, she could pull off the new sharp and strangely western nose, and I do admit it looks good on her. She looks better than before. Although one thing that I found peculiar was that in her entire wall, she spoke completely english, no hint of her exceptional Filipino skills that were better than mine and made me shameful at times for being a filipino, when she herself was not. She wasn’t a good english speaker then, but looking at her now, it looks like she’s come a long way of transforming herself into a completely different personality. I was stricken. She also has statuses about going to Church and praying to God all the time, one of which were “I need to go to the church and attend mass… I’m turning evil every second.” This, to me, was the weirdest thing of all because she was never religious or prayerful back in high school. In fact, I didn’t even think she was Catholic. Which made me think, can a person truly evolve into a whole different personality in that span of time that we haven’t seen each other? Completely opposite and… changed, to something better, I admit, but something I never really thought was possible for somebody like her. I am aware that people change but there must be hints of them somewhere down the road but this girl was a whole different person; as if she had no past and started out brand new and as somebody else. I wonder if all she is now is genuinely true. Because if it is, it’s impressive and a quite beautiful transformation through growing up and becoming a beautiful person not only out but in. She has indeed matured.

But if this is a ‘show’ which I can somehow picture her doing, well damn. I should go back to giving people the benefit of the doubt.