Take that chance.

Three Weeks Can Be Enough if You Let It

It’s officially sembreak and I’ve got three weeks to spare to transform myself. Tomorrow’s the day I begin hardcore exercise and eating right by studying the diet plan I bought and I am hoping to God it works, and even if it doesn’t, God knows it’s already a big step in this sedentary life I live. Sometimes fear comes in being too afraid of doing something and ending up with a horrible result and this whole time that’s who I’ve been. I’ve been too afraid that I don’t even try. Before I’ve started, I’ve already given up. That habit’s going to break tomorrow. I guess I finally realized that maybe it’s not about the results. Maybe it’s the stepping up– the inner transformation that forms within somebody from at least trying, and trying, and trying again. It’s like failing and making better mistakes; learning and growing from the opportunities given, and finally basking in the glory from making it after so many days of failure. I know I’m going to enjoy when I am finally there. But first the process has to begin with me. As Benjamin Stone quoted on twitter, no sport is as dangerous as sitting around doing nothing. A sedentary lifestyle is tantamount to base jumping for the heart. I am only hurting myself and it’s time for me to actually get that I DO deserve better. That I AM worth it. No more self-hate. It’s time to do things that will get me to love myself. I am going to move and I am going to love and I am going to form a personal relationship with God again and I will be better than before. I will be happy and I will finally love life.

It’s time I give myself the love and care that I have always deserved.

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