Please, God. Please.

My silent prayer to God this morning to come back to me, more me to Him. I am being awful at what I do and I want this over just so I can get a fresh start next semester. No faults or flaws, less damages. I’m obsessed that way. Like the moment I screw up, I want a brand new sheet in front of me, unscathed.

But I am wasting every single day that passes by before the golden time arrives, like all I do is wait for the day to end, sit here and pass time excited for the finish. It’s like flipping through without touching the pages. I am unmoving.

Please God, please fix me.

This cannot be me.

I have no will; You’ve got to move me.

Please God, please.


After all– what am I without You?

 Nothing, cries the silent beat of my heart.


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