Why I look the way I do (& being damn proud of it!)

When I was a little girl, when I was out holding my daddy’s hand my friends would immediately comment “Alexis you look like your dad!”. And then I was with mom in school and in the mall and everywhere else and the rest of the people who haven’t seen my dad exclaimed “ohmygosh you look like your mom!” As a child, this made me wonder for a while because I couldn’t figure out which was the authentic truth and for some reason it mattered a great deal to me, knowing who I looked like most. And then came the golden time when I was smudged between both mommy & daddy holding both their hands and skipping along the pavement. This was when I got my answer: “oh I see now, you are a mix between your mom AND dad!” For some reason this made me proud. I’m not going to lie: it still makes me happy to hear until this day that I am still a complete mix; that I neither look like one or the other but both in such beautiful proportions. I always thought how wonderful it would be to have traces of your parents traits in the way you are, and I feel blessed to be one of those girls who people can truly say, “you look like your dad” & “you look like your mom” at the same time. Because their external traits are so in me, they’ll never really be gone. Every time I look myself in the mirror I am going to see traces of them. Best part is I’m going to carry them around IN ME wherever I go! Nobody can take that way. This is enough to make me smile the rest of my life. 

I got a baby sister three years ago and this initially came as an adjustment because I was used to being the only girl. She is an exact carbon copy of mom and I can’t help but feel jealous sometimes when people say they look exactly alike, especially since they’re both beautiful. And then somebody comments towards me that I look like a mixture of both my mom and dad too and this makes me feel ultimately better thinking, “I look like my mom too!” only mixed in with dad’s! Ha, I get the best of both worlds.

It shouldn’t come as a shock though because even in sole body parts I see the mix: my dad’s hands and my mom’s fingernails as well as my dad’s feet and my mom’s bunyon. I think it’s really weird how genes come together and form into an entirely new thing but still composed of the same trait of parts. Like my face I guess, and the rest of me. I got to maximize both genetic traits more than the rest of my siblings hahaha! Well, except my sister– she has my dad’s hands and legs too so she’ll end up like me, only more with my mom’s face! But still.

So lucky I am indeed. 🙂 [though you must know this is my way of making myself feel better with my body and my insecurities– NOPE, scratch that off your mind. You needn’t really know!]

P.S. my parents aren’t the kind that look like each other either! (because there are parents who do which is cool but odd at the same time).


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