A New Light

It’s comical how I cannot stick to one blog at a time. There is the me that’s living my life in this world that is beyond belief, trying to cope with everybody else where I am always left– so lost in the making of being beautiful in this chaos I have found that is still under construction, and then the me on paper– the real me where my own thoughts  flow; my feelings unmasked and spoken, my dreams revealed. The me that’s been me all this time, only hidden. I am a 20-year-old girl living a life where I have always been a coward, not strong enough to speak up or act like I should, in this life that I own.

I am not just a pawn in this game; I am a moving spirit– a queen. I have vigor within that I know I possess, I know I am bigger and better and stronger and through this new-found blog, this is the goal. To stop being a coward and start living the life I’ve always dreamed of in my head and finally make it a reality.

I make new blogs because they symbolize new beginnings, in this old life that renews itself every passing moment, every second that slips by, the minutes that scream “you can turn the other way; you can be that girl right now” and as the hours drag on and the days go by– still stagnant and bare– it is finally time to listen.

I am 20 and I am not going to wait until it is too late. This is the life of Alex and it is going to be well lived. There is no more holding back.


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