Teach yourself a lesson, girl.

When I was a little girl, my teacher once said, “Write down your life. Even the dullest moments. Keep record of your thoughts, your feelings, your consciousness– your humanity: the very thing that makes you YOU. Sometimes life doesn’t seem much, like you’re living it over and over, a routine that turns into a cycle and you wonder, when will you ever start living? Well guess what, you’re doing it. Right now, even back then, and you will continue until fate takes you away, and maybe even after that. Write down your life and when you look back, you’ll be surprised at what you find; at the adventures you didn’t think were that big of a deal but now that you think about it, God, you’d do anything to bring it back. Write down your life and never stop until you’re done.”

Of course that’s not how she really said it since I can’t exactly recall so I improvised. But anyway, this is the reason why I love starting blogs all over the place. I’m keeping track of me– through every phase, stage, becoming. I am not yet done, I am still in the making and it is beguiling to look back and see where I’ve come from to where I will someday end.

The future is mine, and so is the present, and I am excited of all the possibilities, all the things that are yet to come.

This blog will be all that I am– my emotions, feelings, experiences, and yes, even suffering. I am creating a beautiful life for myself, starting here, and to all the people around me, this is your key to getting to know who I really am, as well as mine.

Here is to the beautiful becoming, the pandemonium, and the sublime aftermath.


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